Windows 7 Aero Blue Lite Edition 2016 (x64)-Computer Worm

Windows 7 Aero Blue Lite x86 2016 v2.0 Super Lite Edition is the best Version based on the full version of Ultimate SP1 and the original Microsoft And files were deleted unimportant and unnecessary language packs them Version ships with all features in addition towards the well-known figure pictures que and fascinating themes

Windows 7 Aero Blue Lite x86 2016 v2.0:
Original OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
Version: 6.1 (Build 7601, Servicre Pack 1)
Language: English
Publisher: Microsoft
Author Assembly: Muhammad Sadeem
Re-Designer: Computer Worms Team
Type of Medicine: Windows Loader By Daz 2.1.7
Size: 694 MB

Some Feature in This Windows & Why Download This OS ?
• Beautiful Aero Blue Theme & Backgrounds & Cursors that have been used with version.
• Fixed and stable Version means what exactly problems do not occur.
• Windows and ships only full Sized 694 MB Whatever your potential.
• Version excellent and pre-loaded with some within the important programs the last updates.
• Integrated Some Usefull Program Pre-Activated & Pre-Installed.
• More faster and it also make your game experience better than before.
• Lite edition has been reduce some feature that make your notebook, laptop & Desktop PC slower.

Enabled Features:
• Internet Explorer 9
• Windows Media Player 12
• .Net Frame Work 3.5.1 And 4.6
• Microsoft Games
• Desktop Gadget Gallery

Applications Added:
• 7-Zip v15.14 (Optional)
• CCleaner Pro v5.15 (Optional)
• Foxid Reader v2.3 (Optional)
• Internet Download Manager v6.25 Build 12 (Optional)
• K-Lite Codec Pack v11.96 (Full) (Optional)
• Mozilla Firefox 44.0.2 (Optional)
• TeamViewer Premium v11.0.55321 (Optional)
• Typing Master v7.0 (Optional)
• TeraCopy Pro v2.3 (Optional)
• UltraISO Premium v9.6 (Optional)
• Unlocker 1.9.2 (Optional)
• USB Disk Security v6.5 (Optional)
• uTorrentPro v3.4.5 Build 41372 (Optional)
• VLC Media Player v2.2.1 (Optional)
• WinRAR v5.31 Final (Optional)

What’s New In v2.0:
Updated & Added New Application’s
Added New Wallpapers, Cursors And Themes
New Design & Look

What has been removed:
All the languages except English (keyboards layouts are intact). Language Packs cannot be installed.

Drivers: video cards, modems, printers, scanners, TV tunners, fax machines, some storage controller.

Following gadgets are not here: Currency, MediaCenter, PicturePuzzle, RSSFeeds, SlideShow & Weather.

All the games: card games, Chess, Mahjong, Backgammon, Checkers, Spades, Minesweeper & Purble Place.

Hardware support for the following devices: iSCSI devices, Microsoft Multi-Path Bus and Smart cards.

Multimedia: Media Center, music and video samples, except these needed for Windows Experience Index, all sample pictures, all screensavers, all sounds, all the desktop themes except the default aero one.

Network: Internet Information Services, Remote Desktop & Assistance (Remote Desktop Connection here) RIP Listener, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Telnet Client, Telnet Server and TFTP Client.
Services: Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC), Error Reporting service, Offline Files, Quality
Windows Audio Video Experience, Windows Search (Indexing service only but not built-in search option).

System: most of Tablet PC components, BitLocker Drive Encryption, Manual Install and Upgrade Option, Help, Windows Easy Transfer, Sync Center, Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA), Welcome Center, Windows Defender, Accessibility, Speech Support & Narrator, Windows Journal, Migwizard, Microsoft IME, Jet Database Engine, Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ), Parental Controls, System Recovery disc creation, Natural Language, Microsoft Client for NFS, Software Quality Management, built CD/DVD burning support.

What is integrated:
NOTHING except IE9. Some files are replaced with modified ones: msoe.dll, winsetup.dll and boot.sdi.

What about activation?
Windows should be activated after installation with proper key and certificate if SLIC 2.1 is found or
using “Windows Loader 2.1.7 by Daz”

Useful Tweaks Applied:
• Allow 3rd party themes
• Check for updates but do not download
• Clear IE history upon exit; Disable Hibernation
• Disable IE First Run Customize
• Disable Search Online on unknown file extensions
• Disable warning on IE9 tabs close
• Double mouse speed; Enable DVD in Media Player
• IE & FireFox Homepage set to
• Remove Shortcut prefix
• Remove Windows Mail splash
• Restore previous folder at Logon
• Set Google as default Search Provider in IE9
• Show Computer icon on desktop
• Show ‘Downloads’ on Start Menu
• Show hidden files and folders
• Show Notepad statusbar
• Take Ownership option with icon on right-click context menu
• Turn on IE Clear Type text
• Unlimited simultaneous downloads
• When a popup is encountered – open in New Tab; Word Wrap in Notepad

I guarantee that my image is absolutely clean. If checksums don’t match the image can contain viruses!
Easiest way to infect a computer is on fresh install while Anti-virus software is still not installed.
Have your drivers ready before setup! Drivers left are base system, sound and network adapter drivers.

• Processor: 1 GB (GHz) or more
• RAM: 1 GB (32-bit)
• Hard disk space: 5GB (32 bits)
• Graphics card: graphics device with WDDM driver Microsoft DirectX 9

File – Windows 7 Aero Blue Lite Edition 2016 v2.0 (x86).iso
File Size: 694 MB
SHA1 – 26c9e2641762514897b248becef990b8247d0043
MD5 – 23a65c43236a89e1bf02f0c50ef2ed49
MD4 – e8af40293522485bc725be1e5bef92f5
CRC32 – 721503e5



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